Pest Control


Properly treating your lawn is necessary for promoting good health. The treatments that we offer are fertilization, weed control, insect and grub control. We put the time into creating an individual plan for your specific lawn needs because not all lawns are created equal. 

Fertilization provides your lawn the nutrients that it needs for year round health and growth. Weed control applications throughout the year get rid of those annoying weeds and provide a fuller looking lawn. Insect control eliminates the annoying bugs while enjoying time on your patio, fire pit or backyard.  A huge problem in Iowa is our Japanese beetle population. With a grub preventer, we can also eliminates insects that can damage your lawn. Evidence that your lawn has a grubworm infestation is wilted, brown turf that is often dead, or if the turf can be easily rolled back.  Prevention is key! 

As the weather changes in Iowa, we have become even more knowledgeable on when to apply products so you get the best bang for your buck, no cutting corners here.  Contact us today and one of our certified applicators will create a plan to fit your needs.