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Lawn Care

That big interview moment when you get to talk…
“So tell me about yourself and why we should hire you?”

My name is Kyle Rasmussen, and it all started with taking a chance on myself and taking a leap of faith. It all started with my parents really. My parents owned multiple grocery stores early in my life. My father co
ached me for many years and has been a huge influencer to many of my current passions. Quitting was never an option.  Being average was never okay.  He taught me if you were going to do something, you do it right.  My mother ran the floral shop as they continued to grow their business.  She is why I care so damn much.  She is why things will be perfect.  I was eventually introduced to farming by my stepfather; he is why I love working with my hands.  He is the one who showed me how rewarding agriculture can be.

As soon as my wife and I bought our first home in Ankeny, almost twenty years ago, I realized I had a passion for lawn care.  All the knowledge of my upbringing came at me- what a full circle moment. I began to aerate and seed for neighbors and give advice to friends. After about 15 years of helping people as a side job, it took a worldwide pandemic for me to leave my corporate job and start RLC.  I have a degree in business, I’ve attended every sales training program under the sun, and managed over three hundred employees, but what I lost in that environment was the passion and motivation. Who was I working for…and who did I want to work for?  I found the passion I needed in lawn care.  I found the drive I wanted in helping people, and now I get to establish personal relationships with every single client I meet. 

My wife and I have created a team with the same morals and work ethic.  If it wasn’t for her, this wouldn’t have happened.  She has supported me through every high and low that comes with the territory. Our team makes us proud on a daily basis.  Their work ethic can't be beat, and the respect they show our clients is unmatched.  At RLC, we chose this career, we choose it daily, we take pride in our hard work and are proud of what we do. 

Our Happy Customers

Rasmussen lawn care is the best. Kyle and company really set the bar when it comes to not only designing and delivering a beautiful landscape for your home; but the customer service is second to none. They care. They do what they say they’re going to do. Top notch company, grade A people, fantastic results. I’d recommend Rasmussen lawn care to anyone - with total confidence.

Pete C.

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