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Lawn Care


Over time your soil naturally becomes compacted, leaving the subsoil undesirable for healthy lawn growth. Aeration is the single most important step in maintaining a healthy lawn. What is it and why do we do it? Aeration creates holes down into the soil to alleviate compaction, so that air, water, and nutrients can reach the root system. A lawn that has been aerated yearly will hold more nutrients and water than a non aerated lawn. If you water your lawn, you’ll find that you need to use less water since the soil is airy and can hold more moisture. This is especially important for states that suffer droughts or have water restrictions in place. Roots will establish quicker and have better structure with proper aeration. Fertilizer will work to its full capacity by penetrating deep into the roots. If you have pets, children or a high trafficked yard, aeration is necessary to keep a soft lawn. The best times to aerate is in the Spring and Fall.  While aeration is extremely important, an additional service to add in is overseeding.  Overseeding is necessary as it improves turf density.  This helps deter weed growth too!  Having seeders on our aerators allows us to perform two jobs at once.

Lawn Treatment

Properly treating your lawn is necessary for promoting good health. The treatments that we offer are fertilization, weed control, insect and grub control. Customs plans fit to your lawn, because all lawns are not created equally. 

Fertilization provides your lawn the nutrients that it needs for year round health and growth. Weed control applications throughout the year get rid of those annoying weeds and provide a fuller looking lawn.  A huge problem in Iowa is our Japanese beetle population. With a grub preventer, we can also eliminates insects that can damage your lawn. Evidence that your lawn has a grubworm infestation is wilted, brown turf that is often dead, or if the turf can be easily rolled back.  Prevention is key! 


As the weather changes in Iowa, we have become even more knowledgeable on when to apply products so you get the best bang for your buck, no cutting corners here.  Contact us today and one of our certified applicators will create a plan to fit your needs.


Mowing your lawn regularly is important to the health of your lawn. Our professional mowing services offer skilled technicians who are knowledgeable of the proper height in each season, the correct wheel turns and trimming techniques. The details matter! 
The commercial grade mowers that we use leave a precise cut and striping that leaves a jaw dropping look by giving the curb appeal we're all wanting. We offer this service to residential and commercial properties. 


Watering your lawn regularly is beneficial, especially in Iowa's changing climate. Irrigation is the easiest way to do so, no more hauling hoses around the yard.  It is very important to have your irrigation system maintained properly to prevent any costly repairs. In the Fall it is important to have an irrigation shutoff performed. This will ensure that the water left in your irrigation pipes won't freeze and crack your lines. Proper care will ensure an easy transition into the Spring. We offer both of these services.

In the Spring our Certified Backflow Tester will be able to conduct your exam to get the required documentation sent in to meet the criteria required by the State of Iowa.  Contact us today to be put on our schedule! 

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